Rare Bears are series of arcane beasts that represent my innermost  primal spirit in indescribable ways. Breathing you in. Waiting to come back to life.
In 1977 acclaimed psychedelic comic illustrator Fülöp Nándor Medve II (otherwise known by his pen name Bottiglia Klein), was commissioned to illustrate art for a trading card series. The Pico Gaming Company gave him free reign to create whatever creatures he could imagine, as ghouls and gross out were popular with children of the day. Inspired, Fülöp poured his soul into the drawings, toiling away at his drawing desk for months to the detriment of his other work and personal life.

Weeks after turning in his drawings, Fülöp was overjoyed to see receive his package from Pico Games. However, when he unwrapped the box containing the first artists proofs sent from the press he was horrified by what he saw inside. Disgusted with his creation, Fülöp sealed the box away and resolved to call to cancel the project in the morning.

The Pico Gaming Company never received that call. After a week passed with no contact, the project manager went to Fülöp's home but could find no trace of him inside...

After that day no one had been able to prove the existence of the card art. The police never reported it as evidence after searching Fülöp's home.

After many years of rumor and speculation, the cards were donated to the internet archive by an anonymous person under the condition that the physical cards never be made public, only digital chips.

Today with the power of blockchain, we are honored to reveal to you the art of those one-of-a-kind cards. These are Rare Bears.

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