I've had a slew of visuals stuck in my head ever since I watched the Stranger Things series from the Duffer Brothers. For some reason one thing i really wanted to try was making their inter-dimesional monster in my cartoon style. Maybe because its form was so wonky and vague, hidden in the shadows in the show itself, I just wanted to get a handle on it. 

In any case this image was in my head for a while and I had to bring it to life.
Of course I started with a pencil sketch. I even inked my favorite one. But I wasn't super happy with it...
...so I scanned that drawing and redrew the pencils in more detail & corrected some of the proportions. 
Then inked it digitally in Manga Studio.
Added color & shading.
And the added in a creepy wooded background, so it didn't feel out of its element.
Here's the whole process happen ins super speed! (except the background painting. I forgot to hit record during that part. )

Hope you enjoy!


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